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Friday, July 11, 2014 

sex scene

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Robert Pattinson spills the beans on car sex scene sex with Julianne Moore 21 May 2014
Rose Leslie was terrified while filming first-ever sex scene for `Game of Thrones` 30 Mar 2014
`Game of Thrones` star Rose Leslie says her sex scene `needed to happen` 27 Mar 2014
Jamie Dornan watched `SATC` to get in mood for `50 Shades` sex scenes 25 Mar 2014
Lars Von Trier`s `Nymphomaniac` banned in Turkey over ` sex scenes` 06 Mar 2014
Shia LaBeouf wanted penis cam while shooting sex scenes in `Nymphomaniac` 13 Feb 2014
Elizabeth Olsen finds sex scenes `awkward` 08 Feb 2014
Fifty Shades` star Dakota Johnson says she has `no shame` in doing sex scenes 07 Feb 2014
Margot Robbie says `Wolf of Wall Street` sex scenes with DiCaprio were nightmares 01 Feb 2014
No body double for sex scenes: Leonardo Di Capro 18 Dec 2013
Evan Rachel Wood miffed over deletion of oral sex scene in new flick 29 Nov 2013
Daniel Radcliffe opens up about gay sex scenes in `Kill Your Darlings` 16 Oct 2013
Hollywood celebs spill sex scenes secrets 06 Oct 2013
Charlie Hunnam promises to not use body double for `Fifty Shades of Grey` sex scenes 15 Sep 2013
`Blue Is the Warmest Color` team fights over sex scenes 06 Sep 2013
Geri Halliwell strips to undies for sex scene in new comedy show 20 Jul 2013
Joe Manganiello opens up about sex scene in `True Blood` 23 Jun 2013
I was given step-by-step gay sex scene instructions, says Daniel Radcliffe 18 May 2013
Gus Van Sant films test sex scene for `Fifty Shades of Grey` adaptation 24 Apr 2013
Zac Efron suffers `first time` jitters filming sex scene with Heather Graham 22 Apr 2013
Julie Delpy talks about realistic sex scenes in `Before Midnight` 21 Apr 2013
Spanish band Mei Ming under fire for explicit sex scene in music video 12 Apr 2013
Hollywood replacing sex scenes with special effects 25 Mar 2013
`Stoned` Gucci Mane slept during his `Spring Breakers` sex scene 22 Mar 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt to cut sex scenes, wants U/A certificate 11 Feb 2013
Wouldn’t mind having sex on-screen: James Franco 31 Jan 2013
Dancing is harder than being naked: Kristen Stewart 27 Jan 2013
Nicole Kidman left `black and blue` by sex scenes in new movie 21 Jan 2013
`The Paperboy` sex scenes left Kidman black and blue 21 Jan 2013
Lindsay Lohan and I didn’t have sex but you can see boobs in The Canyons, says James Deen 19 Jan 2013
Lindsay Lohan slams `The Canyons` article as `bulls***t` 12 Jan 2013
Lindsay Lohan locked herself in closet to avoid four-way sex scene in new flick 11 Jan 2013
Watching myself have fake sex is ridiculous, says Kristen Stewart 22 Dec 2012
Sofia Vergara bursts out of bra in lesbian sex scene with Sharon Stone 04 Dec 2012
Robert Pattinson wanted walruses in ‘Breaking Dawn’ sex scene 17 Nov 2012
Paul Brannigan reveals jitters before naked sex scene with Scarlett Johansson 14 Nov 2012
Robert Pattinson wants to direct sex scenes 10 Nov 2012
Filming Breaking Dawn’s vampire sex scenes was awful, says Kristen Stewart 04 Nov 2012
I don`t like sex scenes in films: Naomie Harris 30 Oct 2012
Nicole Kidman had to be ``coaxed`` into sex with Tom Cruise in `Eyes Wide Shut` 26 Oct 2012
Daniel Craig wouldn’t go nude for `Skyfall` sex scene, says Berenice Marlohe 25 Oct 2012
Sex scene with Kristen Stewart ridiculous: Robert Pattinson 24 Oct 2012
Bond girl Berenice Marlohe bares all for steamy sex scene in `Skyfall` 14 Oct 2012
Kristen Stewart `really wanted` to shoot sex scenes in `On Road` 09 Oct 2012
Blake Lively shocked as male co-stars strip for sex scene 30 Sep 2012
Zac Efron scared by intense sex scene in `The Paperboy` 25 Sep 2012
Cameron Diaz`s `The Counselor’ sex scene shielded by security squad 14 Sep 2012
Keira Knightley not worried about nudity 08 Sep 2012
Colin Farrell squirmed during our sex scenes, says Kate Beckinsale 20 Aug 2012
What Shia LaBeouf’s gal thinks of beau’s real sex scene in new flick? 18 Aug 2012
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