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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 


50 Results Records 1
Bex Taylor-Klaus joins cast of `Scream` TV series 17 Aug 2014
Zach Braff denies dating Taylor Swift 23 Jul 2014
Ryan Seacrest, Shayna Taylor officially dating 16 Jul 2014
Autograph days are over: Taylor Swift 09 Jul 2014
Singer Taylor Swift wants to be movie star? 12 Jun 2014
Ed Sheeran wants Taylor Swift to date Orlando Bloom 15 May 2014
Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift friends again 08 May 2014
Sandra Bullock circling Tate Taylor movie 30 Apr 2014
Lady Gaga inspires boyfriend Taylor Kinney 27 Apr 2014
New song is not about Taylor Swift: Ed Sheeran 25 Apr 2014
Warner Bros. Pictures unleashes `Godzilla` this summer 16 Apr 2014
Kate Hudson, a fashion hoarder 11 Apr 2014
Lady Gaga celebrates 28th birthday with boyfriend Taylor Kinney 01 Apr 2014
`Hunger Games` star Dayo Okeniyi to star in `Terminator: Genesis` 30 Mar 2014
`Controlling` Lady Gaga lets beau Taylor Kinney be `in charge` at home 25 Mar 2014
Had difficulties writing songs for new album: Taylor Momsen 25 Mar 2014
Arnold Schwarzenegger to begin `Terminator` shoot next month 04 Mar 2014
Lorde may team up with Taylor Swift in future 21 Feb 2014
Katie Holmes praises Taylor Swift 20 Feb 2014
I started writing songs because of loneliness: Taylor Swift 10 Feb 2014
Lack of invites made Swift pen songs 10 Feb 2014
Ben Winchell replaces Taylor Lautner in `Max Steel` 08 Feb 2014
Niall Horan hangs out with Taylor Swift 06 Feb 2014
Rita Ora says `50 Shades` film will be biggest and amazing shock ever 27 Jan 2014
I am happy to be dating Lady Gaga: Taylor Kinney 14 Jan 2014
Zoe Saldana to play pregnant wife in `Rosemary`s Baby` 10 Jan 2014
Selena Gomez gets Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato support after Lupus reports 31 Dec 2013
My next album is confessional: Taylor Swift 27 Dec 2013
I don`t make wish lists: Taylor Swift 24 Dec 2013
Hockey helped me get through break-up: Taylor Kitsch 21 Dec 2013
Was ready to be Liz Taylor`s hubby no 8: Colin Farrell 18 Dec 2013
Men are intimidated by me: Taylor Swift 03 Dec 2013
Ryan Seacrest in love again? 29 Nov 2013
Prince William performs with Jon Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift 28 Nov 2013
I felt alone before meeting husband Brandon: Kelly Clarkson 22 Nov 2013
Lady Gaga open to `threesome` with beau Taylor Kinney 14 Nov 2013
Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney split? 04 Nov 2013
Katy Perry keeps Miley, Taylor`s hair as souvenirs 24 Oct 2013
Not upset with Kelly Clarkson for not inviting us: Mom 23 Oct 2013
I know when to end a relationship: Taylor Swift 20 Oct 2013
Being single `magical adventure`, says Taylor Swift 13 Oct 2013
Jayceon Taylor hopes Khloe Kardashian becomes single soon 09 Oct 2013
I do not know if I will have children: Taylor Swift 07 Oct 2013
`Argo` career high despite axed scenes: Taylor Schilling 24 Sep 2013
Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift to collaborate? 09 Sep 2013
Joe Jonas makes fun of Taylor Swift`s love life 07 Sep 2013
Alan Taylor in talks to direct `Terminator` reboot 07 Sep 2013
One Direction upset with Taylor Swift`s VMA expletive 30 Aug 2013
Did Taylor Swift thank Harry Styles for song? 27 Aug 2013
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift cross paths first time since break up 27 Aug 2013
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