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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 

plastic surgery

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Don`t ask me about plastic surgery: Kate Hudson 10 Jun 2014
Jennifer Lopez `terrified` of plastic surgery 03 May 2014
Japanese porn star undergoes plastic surgery to look like Dobby 02 May 2014
`Too young for botox` Kylie Jenner slams plastic surgery rumours 11 Apr 2014
Kris Jenner wanted Khloe to get nose job at nine 31 Dec 2013
Sarah Jessica Parker slams plastic surgery rumours 21 Dec 2013
Alessandra Ambrosio hates plastic surgery 14 Dec 2013
Kim K slams post-baby plastic surgery rumours 22 Nov 2013
I have never had any plastic surgery: Jennifer Lopez 07 Nov 2013
Jennifer Lopez slams plastic surgery rumours 05 Nov 2013
No plastic surgery, Kanye tells Kim Kardashian 19 Oct 2013
Demi Moore advices Jennifer Aniston to have plastic surgery 05 Aug 2013
Lady Gaga sparks plastic surgery rumours 01 Jul 2013
Never say never: Naomi Watts on plastic surgery 20 Mar 2013
Jennifer Lopez denies having plastic surgery or botox 17 Jan 2013
George Clooney gets his `balls ironed` 16 Jan 2013
Kate’s nose and Robert Pattinson’s jaw `most popular` at plastic surgery clinics 27 Dec 2012
I have little nips and tucks here and there, says Dolly Parton 30 Nov 2012
Salma Hayek scared of plastic surgery 30 Oct 2012
Sharon Osbourne vows against plastic surgery 23 Oct 2012
Mickey Rourke shows off plastic surgery aftermath 15 Oct 2012
Won`t go for plastic surgery again: Heidi Montag 04 Aug 2012
Lady Gaga’s `trout pout` pic fuels plastic surgery rumours 03 Jul 2012
Jada Pinkett Smith faces plastic surgery rumours 10 Jun 2012
Charlize Theron will never have plastic surgery 31 May 2012
Tara Reid `sick of being asked about her plastic surgery` 06 Apr 2012
Elle Macpherson denies she’s had plastic surgery 21 Mar 2012
Cate Blanchett ‘frightened’ by long term effects of plastic surgery 04 Mar 2012
Joan Rivers had over 700 surgical operations 06 Feb 2012
Reese Witherspoon says she doesn’t need plastic surgery 03 Feb 2012
Thandie Newton won`t undergo plastic surgery 18 Jan 2012
Thandie Newton says no to plastic surgery 17 Jan 2012
‘Lippy’ Cheryl Cole pokes fun at US plastic surgery obsession 22 Oct 2011
I am all for plastic surgery, says Michelle Pfeiffer 08 Oct 2011
I would consider plastic surgery: Mel C 16 Sep 2011
Melissa George blasts Hollywood`s plastic surgery culture 12 Sep 2011
Helen Mirren against young people getting ‘horrific’ plastic surgery 28 Aug 2011
Salma Hayek says no to plastic surgery 18 Aug 2011
Penny Johnson receives $9.7m compensation for botched plastic surgery 24 May 2011
LiLo’s braless routine ‘could see her ladies sinking to the floor’ 14 May 2011
Heidi Montag ‘don`t want any more plastic surgery for now 13 May 2011
Did Bristol Palin undergo plastic surgery? 06 May 2011
No plastic surgery for me: Kate 03 Mar 2011
Kate Winslet says no to plastic surgery 02 Mar 2011
Cindy Crawford not against plastic surgery 12 Feb 2011
Want to look younger sans plastic surgery? 06 Jan 2011
No more plastic surgery for Pamela 15 Dec 2010
I haven’t had plastic surgery: Jolie 07 Dec 2010
I would never have plastic surgery: Burke 06 Dec 2010
No plastic surgery for Cate Blanchett 04 Dec 2010
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