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Friday, July 25, 2014 


50 Results Records 1
Dwayne Johnson battled depression 19 Jun 2014
Selena Gomez goes to church to avoid rehab? 27 Apr 2014
Lee Ryan reveals DUI and drug arrest was `biggest wake-up call` 15 Apr 2014
Miley Cyrus suffered from depression 10 Apr 2014
Demi Lovato supports Gomez`s stint in rehab 07 Feb 2014
Uday Kiran to be cremated on Tuesday 07 Jan 2014
Depressed over no roles, actor Uday Kiran ends life 07 Jan 2014
James Arthur opens up about battling depression 16 Dec 2013
`Jaws` star Richard Dreyfuss opens up about struggle with bipolar disorder 12 Nov 2013
Sandra Bullock battled depression during `Gravity` shoot 14 Oct 2013
'Bigg Boss' helped me overcome my depression: Anita Advani 06 Oct 2013
I overrated myself for `Bigg Boss`: Rajat Rawail 29 Sep 2013
Paul McCartney`s wife helped him survive depression 03 Sep 2013
My songs saved me from depression: Lionel Richie 29 Jun 2013
LeAnn Rimes was afraid to be alone 04 Jun 2013
I used booze as medication to treat depression after 9/11, says Billy Joel 28 May 2013
Loved ones got Mischa Barton through depression 24 Apr 2013
Seeking relief through self-injurious behaviours? Here’s why! 23 Mar 2013
Shobna Gulati quit `Coronation Street` due to racism, depression 10 Mar 2013
I`ve dealt with depression: Michelle Williams 21 Jan 2013
David Letterman reveals battle with depression 22 Dec 2012
Robert Pattinson suffered from depression after `Twilight` fame 09 Nov 2012
Nicole Kidman suffered depression after divorce 04 Oct 2012
Nicole Kidman reveals getting through depression after divorce from Tom Cruise 03 Oct 2012
David Williams suffered depression due to heartbreak 01 Oct 2012
I wanted to be a housewife, says Goldie Hawn 23 Sep 2012
Alanis Morissette reveals post-partum depression battle 29 Aug 2012
Stress, depression can shrink brain 14 Aug 2012
Yoga can reduce depression in pregnant women: study 09 Aug 2012
Bruce Springsteen battling depression, suicidal thoughts since early 1980s 25 Jul 2012
Adrien Brody suffered depression after The Pianist 09 Jul 2012
Too much time on Facebook may trigger depression in teen girls 04 Jul 2012
Stay-at-home mums `suffer more sadness and depression` 22 May 2012
Gwyneth Paltrow reveals she suffered from postpartum depression 28 Apr 2012
Mel C credits motherhood for curing depression 27 Mar 2012
Emma Roberts gives tips on how to deal with depression 22 Mar 2012
Women who delay first baby for career `more vulnerable to postnatal depression` 21 Mar 2012
Sinead O’Connor admitted in hospital for depression treatment 18 Jan 2012
Gwyneth Paltrow feels depression was good for her 13 Jan 2012
Depression drives teenage girls to overeat 19 Dec 2011
I drank to numb my depression: Harding 13 Dec 2011
Depression doubles heart disease risk 29 Nov 2011
Too much TV and little exercise ups depression risk 15 Nov 2011
Stressed women more likely to have baby girls 17 Oct 2011
People who don`t get depressed are weird: Dunst 27 Sep 2011
People who don’t suffer from depression are abnormal, says Kirsten Dunst 25 Sep 2011
Parents who stop kids from playing outside put them at depression, suicide risk 29 Aug 2011
Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend bounces back from postpartum depression 29 Aug 2011
‘Supermums’ more likely to be victims of depression 20 Aug 2011
One in four teens ‘depressed over poor job prospects’ 05 Aug 2011
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