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Friday, August 01, 2014 


50 Results Records 1
Three mistakes women make while buying heels 07 Jul 2014
Kimberley Walsh quits heels 02 Jul 2014
Jazz up your look with statement heels 23 Apr 2014
Nude heels must for every woman 15 Mar 2014
Summer fashion 2014: Go for long length dresses, block heels 14 Mar 2014
Fergie now mostly wears low heels 02 Mar 2014
Fergie wears low heels post delivery 02 Mar 2014
Tips to make high heels wearable 16 Jan 2014
Now Priyanka Chopra can box in high heels too! 05 Dec 2013
Driving in flip flops more dangerous than heels 29 Aug 2013
Spa on Wheels 16 Jul 2013
High heels are hazardous, but a `must have` 30 Jun 2013
Tanuj Virwani bans his Miss India co-star Neha Hinge from wearing heels! 26 Jun 2013
Slip into slip dress for night out 19 Jun 2013
No high heels for Karishma Tanna on `Grand Masti` set 22 May 2013
Celine Dion`s son loves wearing high heels 28 Apr 2013
Celine Dion`s son loves high heels 28 Apr 2013
Jessica Simpson ditches high heels for second pregnancy 31 Mar 2013
Sarah Jessica Parker`s `feet deformed` from years of wearing high heels 09 Mar 2013
Kim Kardashian unable to wear heels, upset 01 Mar 2013
Emma Stone avoids heels 14 Jan 2013
Naomi Campell gives up on heels following Paris mugging 08 Jan 2013
Sonam Kapoor gets her customised Ferragamo heels 21 Dec 2012
Hrithik Roshan’s Hot Wheels enter Guinness Book of World records 05 Dec 2012
High On Heels band eyes studio in `cost effective` Goa 30 Nov 2012
Lily Allen has forgotten how to walk in heels 30 Aug 2012
Kate Moss gives up heels for dog 13 Jun 2012
`Devil Wears Prada` taught me to run in heels: Hathaway 22 May 2012
Heels are pleasure with pain: Louboutin 18 Apr 2012
Kim Kardashian feels sexy in heels 30 Mar 2012
No more heels for Dannii Minogue 01 Mar 2012
Christine Bleakley holds on to fiance as she battles ice in high heels 08 Feb 2012
Now a library on wheels to entice people to reading 23 Jan 2012
Denise Richards designs sparking high heels for charity 19 Jan 2012
High heels to be blamed for flat feet but a cure is around the corner 12 Jan 2012
Nude high heels ‘magic formula’ for making you look a dress size slimmer 05 Nov 2011
Salma Hayek hated ban on high heels post foot injury 27 Oct 2011
Kim Kardashian wears six-inch stilettos for camel ride 16 Oct 2011
1 in 3 women carry extra comfy shoes in case high heels start to bite 15 Oct 2011
Jessie J giving up heels after breaking her left foot 13 Oct 2011
Daughters inherit ‘love of high heels’ from their mums 30 Sep 2011
Lady Gaga tumbles as she loses balance on towering heels 14 Sep 2011
Suri Cruise ‘dashes to gymnastics classes in high heels’ 09 Sep 2011
Samantha Cameron joins charity march in Topshop high heels 06 Sep 2011
Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham can`t wear high heels 24 Aug 2011
Victoria ditches high heels for back injury 23 Aug 2011
Actress Elizabeth Hurley struggles with high heels 30 Jul 2011
LiLo donning $1,200 heels at court says she can’t afford counselling! 22 Jul 2011
Whiteley takes running lessons 27 Jun 2011
Liz Hurley tumbles in sky-high heels at village fete 26 Jun 2011
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