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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 


50 Results Records 1
Mark Ruffalo wants Zoe Saldana as She-Hulk 03 Jul 2014
Hulk solo film would be really interesting: Mark Ruffalo 28 Jun 2014
Brooke Hogan calls off engagement 23 Nov 2013
`Khiladi` sequel on, but without Akshay Kumar 15 Oct 2013
Ex `Hulk` actor claims Michael Jackson was just a regular guy 16 Jun 2013
Hulk Hogan hospitalized after burning hand 27 May 2013
No stand-alone `Hulk` film in the making: Mark Ruffalo 08 Mar 2013
Hulk Hogan refiles $100m sex tape lawsuit 05 Jan 2013
Hulk Hogan plans legal action over sex tape 06 Oct 2012
Mark Ruffalo credits mother with career success 22 Apr 2012
I was asked to join Metallica: Hulk Hogan 28 Jan 2012
Hulk Hogan files defamation suite against ex-wife 11 Dec 2011
Hulk Hogan sues ex-wife Linda Bollea for defamation 10 Dec 2011
Hulk Hogan’s ex wife wins $7.4 million divorce payout 26 Nov 2011
Hulk Hogan’s new TV show to help ‘little’ wrestlers match giant counterparts 13 Sep 2011
My temper is like the Incredible Hulk: Susan Boyle 06 Nov 2010
Ruffalo thrilled to play Hulk 17 Oct 2010
All is well between Mark Ruffalo, Ed Norton over ‘Hulk’ casting changes 10 Aug 2010
David Tennant to play ‘The Incredible Hulk’? 17 Jul 2010
Mark Ruffalo in ‘late-stage talks’ to star as ‘The Hulk’ 15 Jul 2010
Ed Norton won`t play the Hulk in `Avengers` flick 14 Jul 2010
Norton slams studio for ruling him out of `Hulk` sequel 13 Jul 2010
No Ed Norton in `The Incredible Hulk` sequel 12 Jul 2010
Hulk Hogan undergoes back surgery 30 May 2010
Hogan to bodyslam ‘Hulk’ cereal ad 28 May 2010
Ex-wife slams Hulk Hogan’s new book 04 Nov 2009
Hulk Hogan wanted to be Metallica’s bass player 03 Nov 2009
Crumbling marriage made Hulk Hogan contemplate suicide 22 Oct 2009
Hulk Hogan getting serious with his girlfriend 29 Sep 2009
Hulk Hogan sues lawyers in son`s car crash case over cheating $1.5M 16 Sep 2009
Fabled actor Aamir Khan goes from hunk to hulk 04 Sep 2009
Linda Bollea sues Hulk Hogan over Harley bike, settlement dues 27 Aug 2009
Edward Norton may return as `The Hulk` 05 Aug 2009
Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda gets ‘outstanding’ divorce settlement 30 Jul 2009
Hulk Hogan`s wife trying to cash in on his ‘OJ’ comments 29 Apr 2009
Hulk Hogan clarifies O.J. Simpson comments 17 Apr 2009
Hulk Hogan says he `totally` understands OJ Simpson`s anger 16 Apr 2009
Megan Fox favourite for `She-Hulk` after poll 09 Apr 2009
Aamir Khan’s hulk-like figurines go on sale 31 Jan 2009
Hulk Hogan celebrates son’s release from jail in Las Vegas 06 Nov 2008
Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke to pose nude for Playboy? 23 Jul 2008
The latest "Hulk" movie may not spawn a sequel 09 Jul 2008
Incredibly, Hulk gets abducted! 21 Jun 2008
The not so ‘Incredible Hulk’ 20 Jun 2008
"Hulk" adds $1 mn in BO muscle to debut 17 Jun 2008
`The Incredible Hulk` smashes box office 16 Jun 2008
"The Incredible Hulk" dominates US boxoffice 15 Jun 2008
Hulk, Shyamalan seek second chance at the movies 13 Jun 2008
"Gladiators" meets "Hulk" on NBC 24 May 2008
"Hulk" redo aims for marketing green 29 Apr 2008
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