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Friday, August 01, 2014 


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`Guardians Of The Galaxy 2` release date locked 27 Jul 2014
`Spider-Man 3` gets delayed, to release in 2018 24 Jul 2014
Goddess of Thunder? Thor undergoes sex change 16 Jul 2014
Stan Lee confirms cameo in `Avengers: Age of Ultron` 13 Jul 2014
Avengers won`t make cameo in `Big Hero 6` 06 Jul 2014
Rosario Dawson joins Marvel`s `Daredevil` 22 Jun 2014
I want to do a cameo in `Agents of SHIELD`: Danny Pudi 17 Jun 2014
Adam McKay not directing `Ant-Man` 03 Jun 2014
Edgar Wright leaves Marvel`s `Ant-Man` 24 May 2014
Special safety equipment left Emma Stone bruised 01 May 2014
Matt Gerald to play villain in `Ant-Man` 07 Apr 2014
Marvel comics to bring all Spider-Man versions that ever existed in new event 25 Mar 2014
Scar Jo keen on `Black Widow` spin-off film 24 Mar 2014
Marvel vs DC is a shame: Chris Evans 21 Mar 2014
`Captain America 3` to collide with Batman/Superman at BO 14 Mar 2014
Zayn Malik wants his own comic book 13 Mar 2014
Chris Evans planning acting hiatus after completing Marvel Movies 04 Mar 2014
Patrick Wilson to feature in `Ant-Man` 01 Mar 2014
One Spider-man movie to be made every year until 2017 28 Feb 2014
Marvel`s `Ant-Man` release preponed 25 Jan 2014
Johnny Depp to play Doctor Strange? 15 Jan 2014
Michael Douglas to star in Marvel`s adaptation of `Ant-Man` 14 Jan 2014
Michael Douglas to play scientist Hank Pym in Marvel`s `Ant-Man` 14 Jan 2014
Paul Rudd to star in `Ant-Man` 19 Dec 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd courted for `Ant-Man` 16 Oct 2013
Tom Hiddleston wants Loki to romance in `Thor` movies 30 Sep 2013
Natalie Portman confirms Marvel`s female superhero film is coming 21 Sep 2013
Marvel Studios has films planned to 2021 09 Aug 2013
Alec Baldwin turns down Marvel villain role 30 Jul 2013
Nathan Fillion not part of Edgar Wright`s `Ant-Man` movie 23 Jun 2013
I can’t wait to see the marvels, says Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 25 May 2013
Kevin Feige interested to work with Dwayne Johnson 10 May 2013
`Captain America` star Chris Evans on six-film Marvel contract 09 May 2013
Marvel studios planning to make female superhero film 03 May 2013
Marvel wants Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man for many years to come 03 May 2013
`Iron Man 3` review: A journey of destroying them 26 Apr 2013
Marvel, Mumbai Indians again join hands for merchandising 07 Apr 2013
Iron Man is like James Bond: Marvel Studios head 23 Jan 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in `Guardians of the Galaxy`? 04 Jan 2013
Queen’s James Bond performance `marvellous`, says Roger Moore 07 Oct 2012
Spiderman creator Stan Lee offers Chakra – The Indian superhero! 27 Jul 2012
Mark Ruffalo signs up for six more Marvel films? 02 May 2012
Scarlett Johansson wears nothing at all under her `Avengers` leather suit 14 Apr 2012
Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee would love to be Iron Man 13 Jun 2011
`The Human Torch` of Fantastic Four killed off by Marvel 26 Jan 2011
Jeremy Renner near deal to join Marvel`s ‘Avengers’ 04 Jun 2010
Wife says Roman Polanski a ‘marvellous’ husband 22 Jan 2010
Idris Elba joins Marvel Studios` ‘Thor’ 20 Nov 2009
Katrina is a modern day marvel: Amitabh Bachchan 07 Nov 2009
Armani ‘marvelously well’ after winning battle with hepatitis 11 Sep 2009
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