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Friday, August 01, 2014 


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Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon? 18 Apr 2014
Scientology `being investigated for human trafficking` by FBI 10 Jan 2014
Tom Cruise, John Travolta launch new Scientology building in Clearwater 19 Nov 2013
Tom Cruise says some of his movies should be thrown into trash 12 Nov 2013
Lost many friends after leaving Scientology, says Leah Remini 10 Sep 2013
Model Jessica White newest follower of Scientology 25 Jun 2013
Leilani Dowding turns to Scientology, worries pals 05 May 2013
I was ashamed to be a Scientologist: Paul Haggis 19 Jan 2013
Nicole Kidman respects kids’ choice to follow Scientology 17 Jan 2013
Tom Cruise assigned by Scientology to fight aliens? 14 Jan 2013
Church of Scientology denies calling Nicole Kidman a `gold digger` 11 Jan 2013
Tom Cruise wanted Scientology to be tax deductible charity 10 Jan 2013
Scientologists played sinister musical chairs to decide chief 02 Jan 2013
Tom Cruise’s `auditioned ex` raps anti-Scientology song 11 Dec 2012
Scientology helped me to get rid of my cocaine addition, says Kirstie Alley 08 Nov 2012
Katie Holmes `moving on` post-split with hubby Tom Cruise 15 Oct 2012
Tom Cruise distancing himself from Scientology? 14 Oct 2012
Scientology ‘bending rules’ for Tom Cruise to meet Suri 02 Oct 2012
Tom Cruise leaving Suri rumour is hogwash, says friend 27 Sep 2012
Katie Holmes willing to do paid appearances after split from Tom Cruise 11 Sep 2012
Church of Scientology denies auditioning wives for Tom Cruise 05 Sep 2012
Tom Cruise slams wife recruiting claims as `lies` 04 Sep 2012
I`m alright, says Katie Holmes post divorce announcement 05 Aug 2012
Scientology destined to destroy Tom Cruise’s life: Jamie DeWolf 27 Jul 2012
Katie Holmes’ family and friends confirm Scientology caused rift 19 Jul 2012
Scientology `brainwashed` Tom Cruise’s kids against ex Nicole Kidman 13 Jul 2012
Tom Cruise `doing everything he can` to keep Suri in Scientology 12 Jul 2012
Cruise threatens to sue mag for `publishing intimate details of split` 12 Jul 2012
Tom Cruise opted for quickie divorce ‘to save Scientology’ 11 Jul 2012
Scientologists believe Tom Cruise has telekinetic and telepathic powers 11 Jul 2012
Katie Holmes `gets primary physical custody of Suri` 10 Jul 2012
Katie urges Tom to refrain from making divorce ugly 07 Jul 2012
Paul Thomas Anderson’s `The Master` gets new life post TomKat split 05 Jul 2012
Scientology chief dubbed ‘third person’ in Cruise marriage 05 Jul 2012
Murdoch’s son says Tom Cruise never tried converting him to Scientology 04 Jul 2012
Scientologists deny following Katie Holmes 04 Jul 2012
Katie Holmes was scared Tom would send daughter Suri to Scientology bootcamp 03 Jul 2012
Rupert Murdoch slams `creepy and weird cult` Scientology 02 Jul 2012
Katie Holmes fears she’s being stalked by Scientology Church post split 02 Jul 2012
TomKat’s divorce won’t be recognized by church of Scientology 01 Jul 2012
Scientology is the reason behind Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce 30 Jun 2012
JLo-Anthony split over Scientology row 15 Aug 2011
Scientology behind Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split? 14 Aug 2011
Amy and Philips reunite in Scientology film 03 Jun 2011
LiLo is not joining Scientology 08 May 2011
John Travolta introduces Lohan to scientology 07 May 2011
Kelly Preston had a `silent birth` 21 Jan 2011
Scientology helped Travolta deal with son’s death 28 Mar 2010
Tom Cruise’s cousin dodges Scientology question 22 Mar 2010
Amy to embrace Scientology? 08 Mar 2010
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