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Friday, July 11, 2014 


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Sarah Jessica Parker tries tequila for first time at 49 28 Apr 2014
P Diddy buying TV channel 12 Mar 2014
`Madhubala...` co-producer to launch new production house 28 Feb 2014
Sean Diddy Combs expands booze empire to tequila 31 Dec 2013
Tila Tequila causes Facebook flutter with Hitler `special and sweet kid` comment 11 Dec 2013
Dustin Hoffman’s prescription for stress: Tequila 11 Feb 2013
Kristen Bell sues Hollywood tequila bar 27 Jan 2013
Stay slim with tequila and toothpaste, says Brit actress Joan Collins 18 Jan 2013
George Clooney plans road trip to launch tequila brand 07 Jan 2013
Rihanna serves tequila to fans in Stockholm 19 Nov 2012
Justin Timberlake is `fan of tequila` 30 Sep 2012
George Clooney launches his tequila line 17 Mar 2012
LiLo’s champagne, tequila and vodka night out with Vikram Chatwal 14 Sep 2011
Tila Tequila admits to eating disorder but insists it`s not to stay skinny 11 Jun 2011
Rival in feni`s backyard - an Indian tequila 01 May 2011
Tila wins restraining order against kidnap claim snapper 30 Oct 2010
Tila Tequila’s ‘kidnap victim’ says she was never abducted 28 Oct 2010
Judge throws out Tila Tequila’s sex tape restraining order appeal 09 Oct 2010
Tila Tequila’s ‘double’ sex tape lands her in trouble 30 Sep 2010
Tila Tequila says audience threw rocks: Sheriff 16 Aug 2010
Tila Tequila attacked at Illinois concert 15 Aug 2010
Hot Tila Tequila denies making sex tape deal 06 Aug 2010
Tila Tequila `doesn`t want to be another Lindsay Lohan` 25 May 2010
Tila Tequila bares her boobs in an ill-fitted dress 16 Apr 2010
Tila Tequila to retire from limelight to focus on pregnancy 18 Feb 2010
Tila Tequila to adopt kids from Haiti 01 Feb 2010
Pregnant Tila Tequila to retire from Hollywood 28 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila says she isn’t the same as she was 10 years ago 18 Jan 2010
Mix of sleeping pills, made Casey die: Tila Tequila 17 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila relies on Internet for friends 14 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila to seek custody of Casey Johnson’s daughter? 14 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila’s emotional, bizarre video message to Casey Johnson 08 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila has “haunting visions” of Casey Johnson 06 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila requests privacy after partner’s ‘death’ 05 Jan 2010
Tila Tequila says she’s not pregnant 24 Dec 2009
Tila Tequila becomes surrogate mother for her brother 21 Dec 2009
Tila Tequila gets same engagement ring as fiancee`s ex 15 Dec 2009
Tila Tequila gets engaged to her lesbian lover 10 Dec 2009
Secret behind Tila Tequila`s boundless energy 30 Nov 2009
Tila Tequila threatens legal action over leaked sex tape footage 25 Nov 2009
Reality star Tila Tequila strips naked in new video 20 Nov 2009
Tila Tequila auctioning off her `plastic boobs`! 31 Oct 2009
Tila Tequila wants Obama to allow gays to openly serve in military 03 Jul 2009
Liam-Noel renew bonds over tequila 18 May 2009
Justin Timberlake’s tequila brand to hit shelves soon 30 Apr 2009
Jessica Biel, a good ‘tequila shot sport’! 29 Apr 2009
Justin to launch tequila range 19 Mar 2009
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