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Thursday, April 24, 2014 


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Gwyneth Paltrow `embarrassingly` forces pals to watch her old flicks 10 Apr 2014
Dating is weird type of torture: Jennie Garth 22 Oct 2013
Catherine Zeta Jones tortures hubby to overcome public speaking phobia 22 Jul 2013
Gym is torture for Sofia Vergara 07 Apr 2013
Trance` torture scenes affected me: James McAvoy 25 Mar 2013
Actor Huma Khan jailed for assault, torture of minor girl 22 Dec 2012
Makers of Bin Laden-film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ say movie is not ‘pro-torture’ 13 Dec 2012
It was torture being 20: Diaz 20 May 2012
I`m tortured inside: Peter Andre 13 Dec 2011
Arnie subjects Palin to ‘Russian torture’ via Twitter 11 Sep 2010
I did not feel tortured filming `Eclipse`: Kristen Stewart 19 Apr 2010
Justin Timberlake `tortured` Jessica Biel 16 Apr 2010
How Heather Mills tortured her ex-nanny 30 Mar 2010
101 ways to torture your husband revealed 05 Feb 2010
'Om Puri tortured my sister and went on to sleep with his maid' 03 Feb 2010
Staying slim is ‘torture’ for Robert Pattinson 13 Nov 2009
‘Social networking sites are torture’ 23 Oct 2009
Cage plays tortured ‘Lieutenant’ for sly laughs 05 Sep 2009
Torture scene with Pitt was a treat for Diane Kruger 11 Aug 2009
Hayden Panettiere’s high school torture admission 10 Jul 2009
Capote’s ‘tortured life’ revealed in memoir 22 Jun 2009
Centuries-old torture devices to be sold 12 May 2009
Sienna actually tortured for a film 03 Apr 2009
‘Body Of Lies’ torture scene left DiCaprio drained and ill 08 Sep 2008
I tortured the hell out of Prachi: Ekta 25 Apr 2008
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