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Saturday, August 23, 2014 


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I will always be bisexual: Anna Paquin 05 Aug 2014
Jessie J hubby hunting post bisexual `phase` 08 Apr 2014
I am bisexual, says Miranda Kerr 01 Apr 2014
Robbie Williams says he is 49pc gay 29 Nov 2013
I am not a gay icon: Lady Gaga 12 Nov 2013
Michelle Rodriguez's tail 'swings' both ways! 02 Oct 2013
Bisexual Amber Heard not ashamed of her relationships 23 Aug 2013
No idea about my love life: Amber Heard 22 Aug 2013
Johnny Depp`s gal pal Amber Heard has no qualms about being bisexual 15 Aug 2013
Harry Styles says he is `not bisexual` amid Nick Grimshaw dating rumours 30 Jul 2013
I was nervous to talk about my bisexuality: Evan Rachel Wood 29 Apr 2013
Evan Rachel Wood feared confessing bisexuality 27 Apr 2013
Kesha declares her bisexuality 03 Jan 2013
Dolly Parton denies bisexual rumours 28 Nov 2012
I’m not single but I’m still bisexual, says Evan Rachel Wood 03 Nov 2012
James Bond may have turned bisexual in ‘Skyfall’ 17 Oct 2012
Streisand`s first boyfriend was bisexual 02 Oct 2012
I`m not bisexual: Nicki Minaj 06 Sep 2012
Is Johnny Depp dating bisexual Amber Heard? 03 Jul 2012
Adele was dumped by bisexual lover for her own gay friend 24 Jun 2012
Rihanna says she can turn a woman bisexual 08 May 2012
I`m not bisexual: Jessie J 21 Apr 2012
Rihanna is beautiful, admits bisexual singer Jessie J 28 Mar 2012
Sofia, Sharon to play lovers 25 Mar 2012
Lenny Kravitz turned to bisexual pal for `The Hunger Games` 25 Mar 2012
`HC verdict on gay sex results societal acceptance LGBT` 20 Feb 2012
`Bigg Boss’ Sunny Leone is bisexual, but prefers men 25 Nov 2011
Ashton Kutcher and ‘bisexual’ Demi Moore had ‘open marriage’ 19 Nov 2011
Bisexual women more likely than men to be depressed, binge-drink 10 Nov 2011
A long way to go, cheer Delhi`s homosexuals, bisexuals 03 Jul 2011
Oscar winner Anna Paquin faces prejudice for being bisexual 29 Jun 2011
Evan Rachel Wood is comfortable being a bisexual 26 Jun 2011
Koena Mitra to play bisexual in Hollywood film? 13 Apr 2011
Nicki Minaj dismisses bisexual rumours 01 Apr 2011
Yes I am bisexual, confirms Brit pop star Jessie J 25 Feb 2011
Sassy singer Rihanna rumoured to be a bisexual 01 Feb 2011
Mariah Carey shoots down bisexuality rumours 14 Dec 2010
Lesbian, gay, bisexual teens ‘40pc more likely to be punished’ 06 Dec 2010
Flexisexuality: The new word for straight women who flirt with bisexuality 27 Nov 2010
Rapper Nicki Minaj steps away from bisexual image 24 Nov 2010
Actor Stephens Moyer accepts wife`s bisexuality 20 Jun 2010
Anna Paquin explains why she came out as being bisexual 07 Jun 2010
I`m bisexual, says ‘True Blood’ star Anna Paquin 02 Apr 2010
Sweden home to most bisexual babes in the world 10 Mar 2010
Teens who self-identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual at increased suicide risk 06 Feb 2010
Amy Winehouse ‘is bisexual’, fancies Cheryl Cole! 31 Jan 2010
Kesha sparks bisexual speculation 06 Jan 2010
Eminem`s mum ‘to marry bisexual agent who sued her’ 28 Nov 2009
Rihanna shrugs off bisexual rumours 25 Nov 2009
Fergie says hubby Josh Duhamel knows about her bisexual past 11 Nov 2009
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