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Friday, July 25, 2014 


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`LiLo-type` booze monitoring `bracelets` to enter UK markets 18 Jul 2014
Lee Ryan reveals DUI and drug arrest was `biggest wake-up call` 15 Apr 2014
Sean Diddy Combs expands booze empire to tequila 31 Dec 2013
Katy Perry `stayed off booze for 3 months` before Vogue photoshoot 29 Jul 2013
John Travolta resurrects disco moves in cheesy booze ad 27 Jul 2013
Brad Pitt enjoys booze-fuelled time with pals under advice of Angelina Jolie 15 Jul 2013
I used booze as medication to treat depression after 9/11, says Billy Joel 28 May 2013
Ozzy Osbourne `gives up on smoke, booze and drugs for honey` 20 Apr 2013
Sharon Osbourne not getting back with Ozzy until he gives up booze 18 Apr 2013
I`ve been back on the booze, drugs but I am not splitting with Sharon, says Ozzy Osbourne 17 Apr 2013
Anthony Hopkins swaps booze for prayer book 18 Mar 2013
James Bond should be portrayed as massive boozer in film, says UK author 12 Dec 2012
Jim Carrey treats co-stars to £100k booze cruise 22 Oct 2012
Indian made pill helps drunk drivers beat the booze test 28 Aug 2012
Charlie Sheen’s ex-aide found dead surrounded by drugs and booze 03 Jul 2012
Kristen Stewart loves lunch in boozer, says Robert Pattinson 14 Mar 2012
Bono ‘distracted by supermodels and booze during Spiderman musical’ 13 Mar 2012
Whitney Houston ‘binged on cocaine, booze and pills’ in final months 18 Feb 2012
Whitney Houston ‘died in bath’ after 2-day booze binge 13 Feb 2012
Rihanna on booze filled holiday in Hawaii 17 Jan 2012
Adele told to cut booze, fag or risk losing stunning voice forever 08 Oct 2011
Fassbender spiced up ‘Shame’ sex scene with booze and erotic song 30 Sep 2011
Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘horrific hangover’ after booze binge 30 Sep 2011
Why boozers have difficulty in walking and talking 29 Sep 2011
Pregnant Carla Bruni eager to deliver so she can drink, smoke again 22 Sep 2011
Damien Hirst rescued me: Ronnie Wood 08 Sep 2011
Rihanna goes on no-expense-spared booze spree holiday with pals 27 Aug 2011
Why people look more attractive to you after you’ve had a bit of booze! 16 Aug 2011
Booze-fuelled creative juices helped Adele write bestselling album 09 Aug 2011
Demi Lovato says ‘sober is sexy’ to warn fans against booze and drugs 07 Aug 2011
Demi Lovato says ‘sober is sexy’ to warn fans against booze and drugs 06 Aug 2011
Amy Winehouse partied and boozed ‘wildly’ days before her death 05 Aug 2011
Winehouse’s family believe singer was killed because she quit booze 28 Jul 2011
Kids ‘twice as likely to booze if they see parents drunk’ 17 Jun 2011
Coffee and booze linked to high increase of BP 24 May 2011
Cannon blasts ‘drugs and booze’ inside hospital with Carey allegations 14 May 2011
3-year-old is Britain’s youngest booze sufferer 14 Mar 2011
Katie Price’s booze shame at Sir Elton John`s post-Oscars party 01 Mar 2011
I tried booze when I was just 4, says David Arquette 24 Feb 2011
Booze puts Brits in the mood for sex 24 Feb 2011
Booze will `kill 250K people in the UK ` 21 Feb 2011
Stay off the booze: Jackman`s advice to Oscars hosts 24 Feb 2011
Salman Khan vows to stay off booze for ten months 17 Jan 2011
Nails, hair indicate booze intake over last 90 days 09 Jan 2011
No booze for Colin Farrell! 31 Dec 2010
LiLo’s rehab roommates busted for booze fest 21 Dec 2010
Its chips and booze for Pamela in UK! 07 Dec 2010
Charlie Sheen ‘not worried about booze-and-blow binge at hotel’ 09 Nov 2010
Charlie Sheen ‘had booze binge in Belize before Plaza meltdown’ 04 Nov 2010
Sugababe Amelle back on booze after drink-driving episode 03 Oct 2010
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