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Friday, July 11, 2014 


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James Franco bares bottoms for Broadway charity event 24 Jun 2014
Sofia Vergara claims her ass is as good as her boobs! 12 Apr 2014
Rihanna is the ultimate fantasy: Drake 15 Feb 2014
Oversized bell bottoms all-time fashion faux pas: Manish Malhotra 04 Aug 2013
Robbie Williams signs fan`s bottom 24 Jul 2013
Esha Deol wants bell-bots back in fashion 04 May 2013
Rihanna wants to get `spanked` by Katy Perry 26 Apr 2013
David Beckham denies using bottom double in underwear ads 02 Mar 2013
Paul McCartney surprised at 17th Grammy win 15 Feb 2013
Jenny McCarthy gets her bottom touched by guest star on new TV show 10 Feb 2013
Justin Bieber bares bottom on Instagram 21 Jan 2013
Kylie Minogue bares bottom in short film 27 Sep 2012
Michael Winterbottom`s Raymond biopic to be renamed 09 Jul 2012
People will choose Pinto over Hardy in `Trishna`: Winterbottom 07 Mar 2012
I would have begged Freida to do `Trishna`: Winterbottom 26 Nov 2011
When Kelly Clarkson hit rock bottom 16 Oct 2011
Offer prayers from the bottom of your heart: Jackie Shroff 04 Sep 2011
Kate Moss gets cheeky smacking bottoms at art show 20 Jul 2011
Women`s greatest fear: A big bottom? 19 Apr 2011
Bottoms Up Beer dispenser fills mugs 9 times faster 26 Jan 2011
Robbie Williams bares bottom for 20 pounds 03 Dec 2010
Demi Lovato ‘hit rock bottom after dustup with female dancer on tour’ 04 Nov 2010
Rapper Foxy Brown denies flashing her bottom at neighbour 03 Aug 2010
When Bristolian Josie wore just a pair of bikini bottoms 23 Jul 2010
Jesse admits he hit ‘rock bottom’ after splitting with Sandra 16 Jul 2010
Tom Felton wanted `Potter` actors to ink their bottoms ! 20 Jun 2010
Kourtney loves her big bottom 22 Apr 2010
TV women need good legs, men can look like dogs` bottoms, says Joanna Lumley 06 Apr 2010
Chef Delia Smith used to flash her bottom at customers while waitressing 05 Jan 2010
Why France`s obsessed with the bottom 09 Dec 2009
Kelly Bensimon ‘accidentally` bares her bottom 19 Oct 2009
Lady GaGa hits rock bottom since split 30 Jul 2009
Sienna’s remedy for perfect bikini bottom 20 Jul 2009
Aerosmith drummer writes of "Hitting Rock Bottom" 01 Jul 2009
Serena Williams’ tiny bikini bottoms ‘disappear’ on Miami beach! 07 Apr 2009
Ashanti bares bottom at red carpet event 26 Mar 2009
Kim Kardashian squeezes her bust & bottom for a skimpy outfit 16 Mar 2009
Big bottom cuts diabetes risk 03 Jan 2009
Amy Winehouse spotted sunbathing nude, sporting just a bikini bottom! 22 Dec 2008
Pammie makes crowd go whoa, flaunts a sexy undie with her bottom in the air! 08 Dec 2008
Geri Halliwell’s bare bottom exposed at Children’s Awards 03 Dec 2008
Man & woman with “Beautiful Bottoms” 13 Nov 2008
Monk puts on butt-lifting lingerie to make her bottom peachier 15 Oct 2008
Kylie`s double going under the knife to have a perfect bottom 04 Aug 2008
Mischa Barton to bare her bottom in lesbian love story 17 May 2008
Man held for filming women`s bottoms 14 May 2008
Something good about a big bottom 07 May 2008
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