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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 


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Want glowing skin? Include vinegar in diet 19 Aug 2014
Try fruit treatments for glowing, healthy skin 13 Aug 2014
Megan Fox gave up bread to shed baby weight 27 Jul 2014
Bikini diets dominate people in Britain: Survey 26 Jul 2014
25 percent of `dieting women` lecture friends on food habits 23 Jul 2014
Indulge in healthy food, but mind the portion 22 Jul 2014
Paris Hilton quits junk food 11 Jul 2014
Don`t believe in starving: Huma Qureshi 10 Jul 2014
Post split, Chris Martin no more vegetarian 04 Jul 2014
How to succeed in losing weight 28 Jun 2014
Arjun Rampal plans to skip diet regime while on vacation 15 Jun 2014
Get that `beach body` for holiday easily 03 Jun 2014
Debra Messing misses eating junk food 02 Jun 2014
Ozzy Osbourne now becoming a `strict vegan` 01 Jun 2014
Pregnant Christina Aguilera follows healthy diet 27 May 2014
Tips for eating out on a diet 25 May 2014
Kim Kardashian enjoys diet wedding cake 24 May 2014
Jennifer Lopez turns vegan 16 May 2014
Kim Kardashian back on strict diet? 04 May 2014
Paltrow, Martin fell out over parenting and diet? 03 May 2014
Summer diet: Hog on fruits, veggies to stay active 21 Apr 2014
Kim K in `extreme dieting mode` to shed weight before wedding 19 Apr 2014
TV series on Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo in works 18 Apr 2014
I cannot work out for more than an hour: Jacqueline Fernandez 09 Apr 2014
Kim K on Atkins diet in bid to lose five pounds before her wedding 04 Apr 2014
Marlene Dietrich`s belongings including watches, tux and trinkets up for auction 22 Mar 2014
Appearance urges mothers to diet 19 Mar 2014
Cameron Diaz slammed for claiming smoking is healthier than Diet Coke 06 Mar 2014
Women use bizarre ways to look slim: Survey 04 Mar 2014
Crash diet makes people lose friends too? 02 Mar 2014
Workout right to flaunt any dress fearlessly 24 Feb 2014
Exercise, nutritious meal keep Schiffer in shape 16 Feb 2014
Beyonce eats `mostly plant-based` diet 15 Feb 2014
Browning couldn`t care about dieting during `Pompeii` 14 Feb 2014
Angelina Jolie consuming food made from ancient grain? 10 Feb 2014
Racy von Trier film, film on radical Catholics, paired in Berlin 10 Feb 2014
Robin Wright joined Foster on diet regime 27 Jan 2014
Rachel Zoe survives on fruit to lose baby weight? 25 Jan 2014
Beat the winter blues with right diet 21 Jan 2014
Popular diets followed by celebrities 21 Jan 2014
For `Maaya`, Harshvardhan Rane follows caveman`s diet 16 Jan 2014
New Year resolution - indulge in healthy diet 07 Jan 2014
Want to be fit? Swap unhealthy food with healthy diet 07 Jan 2014
I am a healthy eater: Julia Roberts 23 Dec 2013
Celebrities who went the vegan way 18 Dec 2013
Nutritious diet also vital for fathers-to-be 16 Dec 2013
Eat right and light to beat winter gloom 15 Dec 2013
Olivia Wilde sheds her vegan diet 14 Dec 2013
Kate Moss underwent detox diet for Playboy 13 Dec 2013
Beyonce, Jay Z turn vegan 05 Dec 2013
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