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Saturday, July 12, 2014 

gay marriage

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Elton John to `celebrate` gay marriage law 03 Apr 2014
Elton John to ``celebrate`` gay marriage law 03 Apr 2014
Gay marriage important to me: Julianne Moore 28 Jan 2013
Viewing porn increases support for gay marriage among straight men 26 Dec 2012
Hugh Grant backs gay marriage rights campaign 26 Sep 2012
Lady Gaga slams Pope over anti gay marriage comments 25 Sep 2012
Brad Pitt lends support to Obama by saying `gay marriage is inevitable` 10 Sep 2012
Brad Pitt’s mum against gay marriage 07 Jul 2012
Will Smith calls Obama’s support of gay marriage `brave` in election year 15 May 2012
Brangelina receive blessing from gay marriage group 15 Apr 2012
Gay marriage backers: NY vote has national impact 26 Jun 2011
Lady Gaga urges fans to call undecided senators to legalize gay marriage 18 Jun 2011
Miley Cyrus mocks Rick Santorum’s remarks regarding gay marriage 29 May 2011
Elton John lashes out at gay marriage opponents 21 Jan 2011
Gay marriage hate mails made Miley quit Twitter 02 Apr 2010
Mexico City enacts region`s 1st gay marriage law 30 Dec 2009
Brad Pitt regrets making gay marriage vow 13 Aug 2009
Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz shut up to protest against gay marriage ban 13 Jun 2009
Drew Barrymore protests against gay marriage ban 28 May 2009
Ellen DeGeneres, George Takei to remain married despite gay marriage ban 27 May 2009
Charlize Theron lending support to gay marriage rally 07 May 2009
Miss California appears in anti-gay marriage ad 01 May 2009
US model Shanna Moakler stands up for gay marriage 30 Apr 2009
God was testing my faith with gay marriage question: Miss USA runner-up 21 Apr 2009
Charlize Theron calls gay marriage ban ‘a form of apartheid’ 15 Apr 2009
Tom Hanks dubs Mormon’s support for gay marriage ban ‘Un-American’ 17 Jan 2009
Christina Aguilera backs gay marriage 15 Nov 2008
Melissa Etheridge says she won’t pay taxes following gay marriage ban 09 Nov 2008
Star Trek actor George Takei `disappointed` by gay marriage ban 08 Nov 2008
Hollywood joins the furor over gay marriage ban 08 Nov 2008
Samantha Ronson ‘shocked’ over gay marriage ban 07 Nov 2008
DeGeneres laments gay marriage ban in Calif 06 Nov 2008
DeGeneres buys airtime for pro-gay marriage ad 20 Oct 2008
Gay marriage fundraiser reaches for stars 17 Oct 2008
`Ellen` airs video against gay marriage ban 15 Oct 2008
Ellen DeGeneres urges people to support gay marriage law 25 Sep 2008
Cynthia Nixon ‘inspired by’ Pitt’s gay marriage support 20 Sep 2008
Brad Pitt donates money to support gay marriage 18 Sep 2008
"Star Trek" actor to wed after gay marriage ruling 20 May 2008
Gay marriage legal in California 16 May 2008
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