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Thursday, August 21, 2014 


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Drew Barrymore hookup rumours makes me want to vomit, says Cameron Diaz 16 Jul 2014
Gay, lesbian couples have happier children 11 Jul 2014
Ireland Baldwin dating a woman 28 Jun 2014
Dharma Productions new training ground for aspirants: Karan Johar 13 Jun 2014
Cameron Diaz confesses of having lesbian moments 30 Apr 2014
Monica Dogra roots for LGBT cause with new US short film 23 Apr 2014
Shakira slammed for promoting lesbianism in new video 07 Feb 2014
Priyanka Chopra`s lesbian encounter? 06 Jan 2014
I am not a gay icon: Lady Gaga 12 Nov 2013
Didn`t want to be lesbian: Portia De Rossi 04 Nov 2013
Ellen DeGeneres developing new lesbian comedy 30 Oct 2013
British student to engage in gay sex on stage for art 26 Oct 2013
Sky Ferreira denies lesbian linkup with Miley Cyrus 22 Oct 2013
Michelle Rodriguez's tail 'swings' both ways! 02 Oct 2013
Lesbians more daring than straight men: Lady Gaga 13 Sep 2013
Rooney Mara set to romance Cate Blanchett in `Carol` 31 Aug 2013
Demi Lovato to play lesbian on `Glee` 29 Aug 2013
I won`t rest until I`ve tried it on with every lesbian, says Russell Brand 27 Jun 2013
Keira Knightley-Chloe Grace Mortez lesbian scene not happening 14 Jun 2013
Keira Knightley to shoot intimate lesbian scene 13 Jun 2013
Jane Lynch to end marriage with Lara Embry 11 Jun 2013
Jennifer Lopez to star in lesbian drama 20 Apr 2013
Jesy Nelson ready to go lesbian for Rihanna 17 Apr 2013
Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury goes public with lesbian relationship 05 Apr 2013
I want to be a boy scout: Madonna 18 Mar 2013
Heather Graham strips for lesbian romps in new flick 16 Jan 2013
Sofia Vergara bursts out of bra in lesbian sex scene with Sharon Stone 04 Dec 2012
Dolly Parton denies being a lesbian 27 Nov 2012
J.Lo’s lesbian couple show irks 1 mln moms 09 Oct 2012
Sacha Baron to star in `The Lesbian` 06 Oct 2012
Sacha Baron Cohen to star in `The Lesbians` 05 Oct 2012
Drug use `7 times higher` among gays 24 Sep 2012
Kylie Minogue puckers up for lesbian kiss with Elvis’ granddaughter in new film 26 Jul 2012
Sex symbol Marilyn Monroe ‘may have been lesbian’ 21 Jul 2012
Jennifer Lopez signs up as executive producer of TV drama about lesbian couple 10 Jul 2012
Jennifer Lopez plans new TV show about lesbian couple 08 Jul 2012
Cheryl Cole voted top female celeb women would choose for lesbian clinch 19 Jun 2012
Rihanna’s date night with woman sparks lesbian rumours 21 Apr 2012
Jessie J 100pc lesbian, claims book 19 Apr 2012
Pixie Lott reveals it is her female fans who proposition her most 15 Apr 2012
Susan Sarandon recalls lesbian sex scene while honouring Catherine Deneuve 05 Apr 2012
Ricky Martin dedicates prize to victim of homophobic violence 27 Mar 2012
Gillian Anderson reveals flings with women 14 Mar 2012
Emma Waston says people compared her pixie cut to that of lesbian’s 22 Feb 2012
`HC verdict on gay sex results societal acceptance LGBT` 20 Feb 2012
Whitney Houston was ‘secret lesbian’ 15 Feb 2012
Kelly Clarkson laughs off lesbian rumours 29 Jan 2012
Lesbianism among US teenagers on rise 27 Dec 2011
Bisexual women more likely than men to be depressed, binge-drink 10 Nov 2011
South African lesbians becoming victims of barbaric ‘corrective rape’ 31 Oct 2011
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