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Friday, August 22, 2014 


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Autopsy on Hoffman inconclusive, more tests needed: Official 06 Feb 2014
Justin Bieber`s tests positive for marijuana, prescription medication in DUI arrest 31 Jan 2014
Jude Law never takes painkillers 20 Apr 2013
No one works harder than me, says Gerard Butler 14 Apr 2013
Lindsay Lohan `didn’t make any demands for prescription drug in rehab plea deal` 02 Apr 2013
Dustin Hoffman’s prescription for stress: Tequila 11 Feb 2013
Mike `The Situation` Sorrentino admits prescription drug abuse 22 Mar 2012
Heather Locklear hospitalized after taking prescription drugs and alcohol 13 Jan 2012
LiLo does ‘doctor shopping’ for prescription meds 12 Jul 2010
Larry King’s wife attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs 11 Jun 2010
Haim`s name on illegal prescription: Authorities 13 Mar 2010
‘Prescription drugs found in Brittany Murphy’s bedroom’ 22 Dec 2009
Robbie Williams says his addiction to prescription drugs nearly killed him 25 Sep 2009
Anna Nicole prescription was "pharmaceutical suicide" 23 Sep 2009
MJ `offered doctor USD 800K to get prescription drugs` 10 Aug 2009
MJ used 12yr-old son Prince Michael’s name to get prescription drugs 02 Aug 2009
‘Jackson`s minders threatened doctor into giving him prescription drugs’ 14 Jul 2009
Role of prescription drugs in Jacko’s death being probed 28 Jun 2009
Cops `seize bags of prescription drugs` from Jacko’s home 27 Jun 2009
Lawyer says prescription drugs killed Michael Jackson, hunt on for Doc 26 Jun 2009
Jacko had problems with prescription drugs, claims family attorney 26 Jun 2009
Prescription drug overdose may have caused Paula Abdul’s `stalker`s death 18 Nov 2008
Age-old prescription for lovesickness: Sex 19 Oct 2008
Prescription drug addictions rise 30 Jul 2008
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