Connor Cruise reacts to news of dad Tom’s split from Katie Holmes

London: The adopted son of Tom Cruise and his former wife Nicole Kidman, Connor has spoken for the first time since the news of his dad’s divorce from Katie Holmes went public on Friday evening.

The teenager often reveals his feelings on Twitter, but has kept away from the social networking site since the news broke last week.

However, Connor returned to Twitter later with a post: “#LaFamilia Always. Friends Come And Go, But Family Is Forever,” which read like a declaration of support for his dad.

The tweet indicates that Connor chooses to stay with Cruise after his split from mum Kidman in 2001. Connor and his adopted sister Isabella are thought to be close to Holmes, with the two living in the family home alongside five year old Suri.

Connor was actually in Iceland with his dad when the news of the divorce went public. Meanwhile, Holmes is worried that she is being stalked by rogue members of the Church of Scientology.