Scientology `brainwashed` Tom Cruise’s kids against ex Nicole Kidman

Melbourne: A man who worked in the Church of Scientology has claimed that the church “brainwashed” Tom Cruise’s kids Isabella and Connor, turning them against their mum Nicole Kidman.

In a candid interview with NBC’s Rock Center, Marty Rathbun said he believed officials used Scientology to indoctrinate Cruise’s adopted children against Kidman after she split up with Cruise 11 years ago.

The new claims come after Katie Holmes recently won sole custody of their daughter Suri when she filed for divorce from Cruise.

“...they were being indoctrinated, and they were reporting to Cruise on how that was going in my presence”, The Daily Telegraph quoted Rathbun as telling NBC.

He claimed that the church told Cruise’s adopted children that Kidman was a “suppressive person.”

“It was more than implied....[Kidman] was somebody that they shouldn’t open up with, they shouldn’t communicate with, and they shouldn’t spend much time with,” he said.

Since her divorce to Cruise, Kidman has remarried singer Keith Urban and they have two daughters Sunday Rose and Faith.