Tom Cruise hires same attorney used for Nicole Kidman divorce

London: Tom Cruise, who was surprised when wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce, has decided to rope in the services of the same attorney who represented him in his divorce with Nicole Kidman.

Dennis Wasser, the Los Angeles based powerhouse divorce attorney will be representing the 49-year-old actor against Holmes in the divorce case.

A source familiar with the actor confirmed to ABC News that Wasser has taken the case, adding that a yet to be chosen New York attorney will also join the Cruise legal team.

On being asked if Cruise would try to move the case from New York to California the source only said, “the approach will focus on the best interests of the child.”

Some legal analysts have said that the actresses’ decision to file for divorce in New York may give her an advantage in her effort to gain sole custody versus joint custody and provide more privacy since New York seals divorce filings that are often available in Calfornia.

California divorce attorney Michael Kelly said the 33-year-old’s East Coast filing was “a tactical move” that signifies “there will be an attempt to gain an advantage.”

He insisted that the New York’s comparative-fault divorce laws could be advantageous for Holmes. The couple lived in Los Angeles.

Holmes is supported by Jonathan Wolfe and mega divorce attorney Allan Mayefsky, who represented Christie Brinkley in her divorce battle with Peter Cook.