Dubai gears up for the Dubai Food Festival 2015

Dubai gears up for the Dubai Food Festival 2015
Pic courtesy: Avril-Ann Braganza

By Avril-Ann Braganza

With foodtrucks, beach canteen, celebrity chefs mystery tours and lots more, participate in the Dubai Food Festival

How does 23 days of food-inspired events, a sprinkling of celebrity chefs and countless tingling taste buds sound? If you're in Dubai, participate in the Dubai Food Festival 2015, a city-wide culinary celebration that showcases the Emirate’s emergence as a gastronomy destination through a 23-day programme of food-related consumer and trade events, activities and promotions. There will also be appearances by food celebrities and chefs like Chef Silvena Rowe, Chef Manal Al-Alem, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Todd English, Chef Andrew Mitchell and more.

From five-star gourmet dining to everyday restaurants and cafés for all budgets; international brands to a burgeoning scene of home-grown concepts influenced by traditional Emirati cuisine and the flavours of the 200 nationalities that live in Dubai, the festival is designed to promote the diversity, creativity and multicultural nature of Dubai’s culinary scene. 

In its second edition, there will be four key themes this year—Emirati Cuisine, which will focus on authentic, local cuisine and cultural experiences that showcase both traditional as well as up-and-coming Emirati concepts and chefs; home-grown, celebrating the emerging scene of independent restaurants and concepts influenced by the diversity of the 200 nationalities in Dubai; Multicultural Dining and Street Food, which will showcase the range of everyday, street-side restaurant and café experiences in Dubai; and International Chefs and Restaurants, which will highlight the influx of restaurants conceived or owned by world leading and Michelin-starred chefs.

From the 6th at Kite Beach, Jumeirah will include nine delicious home-grown restaurant concepts and celebrity chef pop-ups keeping in mind the four key themes of the festival and will feature a unique beach dining experience, local bands, DJs, children’s activities, a photography talk with award-winning photographer Penny De La Santos as well as foodie film nights that will focus on the role of food in the cinematic sphere.

In line with the global food truck trend taking place in countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, the 2015 Dubai Food Festival will be home to the Food Truck Lunchtime Pop-Up Market, where food trucks will move throughout the city during lunch time with cuisines from around the world on offer. You can also choose to go on one or more of the mystery food tours—Old to New Dubai Food Tour, High Flying Dinner Tour, From One Chef to Another Tour, Celebrity Hotspots Tour and Dubai Skyline Tour—which will highlight a different to 28th February, you can participate in several events at the festival. Beach Canteen dining experience on offer in Dubai. With 'Street Nights' from the 20th to 21st February, more than 20 food outlets offering ‘street’ versions of their menus, as well as artwork by over 20 participating galleries.

With this and lots more, the Dubai Food Festival promises to be a grand affair.

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