Happy Monsoon! You can't forget to have THESE essentials while travelling in the rainy season

Top 5 things one must carry while travelling in the rainy season!

Updated: Jul 15, 2016, 11:47 AM IST
Happy Monsoon! You can't forget to have THESE essentials while travelling in the rainy season
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It's monsoons ya yay! But, as everything has its pros and cons so does the rainy season where most of us do enjoy soaking in the rains and dancing to the Bollywood monsoon tracks, others just try to keep off the rains. But not every day happens to be a perfect monsoon delight, right? It does wreck havoc sometimes while we carry out our daily errands.

Here, we suggest you 5 essential monsoon hacks that one must carry while travelling in the rainy weather. No matter whether you reside in Maharashtra where rains are at their best or in Delhi facing unexpected rains, one must be monsoon-ready to make your daily office travel a convenient one!

Umbrellas and Raincoats:

It's a must and we know it. But if you are a Mumbaikar then one just can't shy away from wearing those baggy raincoats even when you feel like a monster! So people flaunt your colourful and trendy umbrellas this rainy season which is easily accessible in the local markets anywhere.

Gumboots and Crocs:

Don't forget to carry an extra pair of shoes if you are wearing your casual shoe or a sandal, as there lies a brilliant chance of it getting spoiled in this weather due to clogged roads. Else, dress up casually with gumboots, crocs or plastic shoes that are 'in' this season and easily available.

Wet wipes:

Carry these wet wipes to clean off the dust and sweat that you tend to gather all over your face while travelling to the office. Wipe off all the dirt from your face and arms before entering the workplace so that you look as fresh as ever.

Plastic pouch:

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives which we just can't live without especially when travelling. So carry your phones in a small plastic pouch while laptops and other gadgets in plastic bags that are again easily available all over the market.

Spare clothes:

This one will come handy for ladies. While you enjoy the rains, often the clothes you wear get dirty and transparent, so to avoid any embarrasment keep a spare dress in your bag. Even men for the prime reason of avoiding any inconvenience can keep an extra shirt or lowers. Now, you can say 'prevention is better than cure'. So be monsoon-ready with these top 5 monsoon hacks and enjoy the rainy weather!