Hotel hygiene check - Five things one must do after checking in

Follow these 5 hygiene checks before you walk into a hotel room!

Hotel hygiene check - Five things one must do after checking in
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New Delhi: Do you think that the freshly cleaned hotel rooms are hygienic enough to keep you going? There is no denying the fact that nobody wants to spoil their vacation by falling sick in an accommodation which is full of hidden germs around.

A recent research has revealed that freshly cleaned hotel rooms still contain germs.

Yes, there are areas where hidden bacteria thrive and this can be contagious.

Here, we want you to have a glance at germs thriving areas so that you don't forget to do a quick cleaning yourself before you lay down to relax.

  • Remote controls: In today's era, everything is just a click away. So, remote controls are by far the most used items of the day. Now be it TV or AC, a remote is used by every visitor in the room and thus becoming the germiest thing around. So beware while you get your hands on a remote control.
  • Telephone: Telephones are used almost every hour. Therefore, make sure to clean the telephone, especially its receiver.
  • Bedside lamp: Undoubtedly, the bedside lamp gives a glorious effect to our rooms. But, these lamps are also one of the most reached items by the room occupants. So, make sure to wipe it off properly before turning on the lamp.
  • Bathing area: Logically, the room occupant will use the same bathroom time and again. This leaves thousands of hidden germs in various corners of washrooms like the commode, faucet, shower, etc. It would be advisable to be extra cautious at such places.
  • Hotel area: Not just your room, but also try to keep yourself away from harmful bacterias when you are using common areas of the hotel like couches, coffee machine, public washrooms, etc.

As we mostly visit a hotel for holidaying, better keep germs at bay to make the most of the vacation! Stay healthy and be happy.