Lies movies show about travel

New York: The movies present vacations in either a very fun, romantic or adventurous way. But the reality may be different.

Here`s a list of common misconceptions set by the big screen entertainers, reports

* `Up`: You can fly to majestic waterfalls without paying a cent, if you just tie a large number of balloons to your roof.

* `Lost In Translation`: There`s always a hot fellow in the hotel room next door, just waiting to hang out with you.

* `Raiders of the Lost Ark`: While backpacking through South America, there`s a 99 percent chance you`ll find a magical hidden idol.

* `The Hangover`: It`s totally legal to drink on the roof of Caesar`s Palace, Las Vegas.

* `Home Alone`: You can leave your house 45 minutes before your flight takes off from an airport 30 minutes away.