Planning an underwater getaway this summer? Check out top 5 destinations

take a look at best underwater destinations!

Planning an underwater getaway this summer? Check out top 5 destinations
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It's summer and we know how you are hoping for a respite from the scorching heat. Well, if you are a globetrotter and are tired of the land exploration, why don't you go for some deeper expeditions? Well, we are talking about underwater trips. Happy? We know.

When you are bored of the world above, fret not, because there is a great deal of beauty waiting to be explored underneath. If you love the blue sky, you will definitely love the rich, blue waters of the oceans and rivers and explore the underwater life.

Yes, although a bit expensive, they can be worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Get a glimpse of the vast, colourful, breathtaking beauty of the marine life in any of these destinations this season.

Take a look:

Oahu, Hawaii

Explore the rich underwaters in Oahu island. The boat is designed with a glass bottom and the trip lasts for about a couple of hours. Indulge in the beauty of local fish, coral reefs some 100 feet under the water!


There are many underwater trips in Mauritius. Go 35 meters deep to explore the shipwrecks, species of fish and make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Andamans, India

Known for its rich marine life, Andaman islands will assure a worthy coral safari which will enrich you with its deep, beautiful coral life experience. You can also explore the semi-submarine in Andamans.

Costa Rica, Central America

Experience the richness of marine life in this abode. Exhilarate in the extreme beauty and get surrounded by leatherback turtles and blue whales!

Aruba, Netherlands

This is one of the best places to visit when it comes to underwater adventure. You can view the colourful world underneath and it's not going to be that tough.