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Rasagola Dibasa: Visit Odisha's most authentic hub of the sweet dish!

Leave the Origin of rasagola debate aside, it's Rasagola Dibasa- enjoy the dish!  

Rasagola Dibasa: Visit Odisha's most authentic hub of the sweet dish!

Do you crave for sweet? Do you lust after a mouthful of the big, round spongy dessert that gets better with each bite!

Well, welcome to Pahal – a small place located between Cuttack and Bhubansewar cities of Odisha.

The distance from Odisha's capital city Bhubaneshwar to Pahal is merely around 12 km! Yes, you can reach the spot in less than an hour. If you are looking for a drive to the place, the good news is it is open 24X7! Yes, if there is a midnight rush for 'something sweet' – worry not Pahal Rasagola is here!

Though not many people know about this place- it enjoys the reputation of being the hub of authentic 'rasagola'. 

While the state enjoys a day specially dedicated to the dish, we have jotted down a few reasons why it is worth it to make a move to the place. Hold your horses and read on to find out what makes Pahala so different from any other sweet hub in east India!

It's cheap:

The prices of rasagulla start from Rs. 2 to 20. There are a plenty of varieties in rasagola. 

Authentic taste:

Pahal rasagola are served 'goram' (warm and fresh) and that's why they taste the best! 

24x7 available:

If you are moody, take impulse rather seriously than practicability, rest assured for Pahala is open whole day and night. 

Explore other parts:

Visit the popular Puri city, or even Cuttack. Not to mention Temple City Bhubaneswar which has plenty of sites to be explored. 

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