TV series '#Indiamyway' to take viewers on road trips across 29 states

Avid traveller Paloma Monappa and travel writer Meraj Shah undertook a road trip covering over 28,000 kms for '#Indiamyway', a new TV series.

TV series '#Indiamyway' to take viewers on road trips across 29 states
Image courtesy- show still

New Delhi: Travelling the roads of Delhi, trotting through lush vineyards of Nashik, taking a safari in the Rann, cruising across treacherous terrains of Ladakh -- actor and avid traveller Paloma Monappa and travel writer Meraj Shah undertook a road trip covering over 28,000 kms for '#Indiamyway', a new TV series.

Discovery's premier series, '#Indiamyway', set to go on air on Sunday, features the duo on an epic journey across India, their way.

The 13-part series introduces viewers to a range of fun, eclectic characters ranging from celebrities, tribal fashionistas, women wrestlers, young scientists, tattoo artists, path-breaking entrepreneurs and a lot many others.

The road-trippers talk to everyone from photographers to chefs, comedians, sound-designers and artists to hear about the challenges they faced and the conviction that carried them in their quest for meaningful work.

Travelling across all the 29 Indian states, the series brings inspirational stories, a testament to young India's grit and a fresh way of looking at the world.

Monappa said in a statement: "#Indiamyway has been a thrilling journey that traces juxtaposition of the new with the old. The series encapsulates incredibly liberating and empowering works of young Indians which paints an inspiring picture of the emerging India."

Shah said: "I have been travelling for years, however, this road trip was unique and refreshing. '#Indiamyway' has been one of the most enriching experiences, offering a stimulating view about the contemporary wave in our socio-cultural structure."

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