What a $20,420 suite in Dubai looks like—View in pics

What a $20,420 suite in Dubai looks like—View in pics
Pic Courtesy: AFP, Relax News

Dubai has seen the opening of another luxurious, over-the-top suite for holidaymakers of the one percent variety, this time at the St. Regis Dubai.

For the princely sum of $20,420 USD, guests can live like a king or queen at the newly opened Imperial Suite, the latest addition to the city's crowded marketplace for luxurious accommodations.

At 913-square-feet, (85 square meters), the Imperial Suite measures larger than the hotel ballroom and spans two floors.

And though, like many of the city's glittering hotels, the suite is decorated in elegant, stately furnishings, its pièce de résistance is an in-room spiral staircase that leads to the central dome of the hotel, where guests will find a rooftop plunge pool, and majlis (which in Arabic means “a place of sitting”) that offer panoramic views of landscaped gardens.

Along with three bedrooms, the suite also features a living room, 12-seater dining rooms, study and lounge area.

Located in the Al Habtoor City in Dubai, the 234-room hotel is styled in French beaux-arts architecture and neo-classical interiors and opened last year.

Luxury car aficionados can also stay at the one-bedroom Bentley suite, upholstered in leather finishes, colors, patterns and wood veneers reminiscent of the Mulsanne, the brand's flagship performance luxury car. 

Not flush with $20,000?

The Burj Al Arab offers a two-bedroom Royal Suite at around $13,705 a night, which offers everything from butler service for adults and kids alike, a private beach, and 24-carat, gold-plated iPads.