UK`s most expensive destination this summer

Think London is the most expensive city in the UK this summer? Guess again. Because according to a new survey that looked at the average price of hotel rooms across the UK, it is Edinburgh that takes that title.

Though Edinburgh is known as a student-oriented city also popular among
backpackers, this summer travelers to the Scottish capital will have to dig deep for their accommodation, as the average hotel room will set them back £97 ($150 USD), reveals the report.

Edinburgh and Bath -- also a popular summer destination among both Brits and overseas travelers -- both beat out London as being the priciest cities to stay in. The English capital ranked third, averaging £92 ($141 USD) for a hotel room.

Prices reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available double room with a minimum three-star rating between July 24 and September 1.

Travelers looking for budget-friendly destinations this summer may want to consider cities like Ayr, Cardiff and Blackpool, which emerged as the most affordable cities in the UK and Wales.

The average hotel room in Blackpool, for instance, costs £33 ($50).

Meanwhile, on TripAdvisor`s TripIndex, London ranked as the seventh most expensive travel destination in the world based on one night`s lodging, dinner, cocktails and a short taxi ride home, all of which clocked in at $451. Taking the top spot on that list was Oslo, Norway.

Here are the top 5 most expensive destinations in the UK according to

1. Edinburgh £97
2. Bath £93
3. London £92
4. St. Ives £89
5. Oxford £88

Here are the top 5 most affordable destinations in the UK this summer:

1. Blackpool £33
2. Cardiff £42
3. Ayr £45
4. Sheffield £46
5. Liverpool £46


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