Weird hotel requests: Waiter too handsome, ice-cream cold

Can the sea be too blue or the waiter too handsome? Apparently yes, say some hotel staff who receive such bizarre complaints, according to a recent survey.

Travel search site Skyscaner queried 400 hotel workers across the world to shortlist the top 10 odd requests made by hotel guests.

Staff at various hotels are also on the receiving end of complaints that seem to be strange or plain outrageous, says survey results.

These include a dead mouse, sound of goat bells to aid sleep and 16 pillows for a single guest! Not to mention some who complained that the sheets were too white, the sea too blue and the icecream too cold.

Staff at Mayfair Hotel in London said one visitor was unhappy as his room had no view of the ocean.

While one guest, complained about how his girlfriend`s snoring kept him awake another complained about the absence of steak on a vegetarian menu. Yet another grumbled about his pet dog not enjoying the stay.

Requests for toilets filled with mineral water and baths of chocolate milk and honey may seem tame in comparison to requirements of food with due care to include only the right legs of a chicken!

Culinary requests that hotel staff received include 15 cucumbers a day, a dead mouse or even soup of a crocodile and one glass of water on the hour every hour throughout the night.

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