Signs that mean vacation time

New York: We all need to relax and recharge, which is why vacations are important. Whether it`s change in behaviour or inability to focus on work, there are signs that tell you to take a vacation now.

Our life revolves around work for sure. This is proved by a recent survey conducted by an internet-based market research firm Harris Interactive, which reveals only 57 percent of Americans utilise all their allotted vacation days.

If you are wondering whether you should take leave or not, see the following signs that indicate you need a few days off, reports

- It’s getting harder to tolerate that one really annoying co-worker.

- Unintentionally, you end up snapping at your friends.

- Your actions become unpredictable.

- You`ve become aggressive.

- You are unable to concentrate.

- Usually you are efficient at work, but lately you are giving unproductive work.

- When your co-worker or friend talks about their vacation, you wish to go there too.


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