Five things to do in the holy city of Haridwar

Five things to do in the holy city of Haridwar
The iconic Shiva statue. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock Photos.

The ringing of the temple bells, the chants of the mantras, the mesmerizing Ganga aarti, the pristine river water and the aura that everything on this soil reflects is simply magical. The holy city of Haridwar is indeed the place to attain calmness, to rediscover yourself and enjoy the simplicities of life.

As we discuss the matchless beauty of the land that’s the gateway to reach Lord Shiva, let’s take a look at five things we must do when in the city and especially at Har Ki Pauri.


Meditation has healing power. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock Images.

The divine place is ideal for meditation. You can sit near on the banks of the river and simply close your eyes. When you sit peacefully with devotion, the crowd, the ambient sounds won’t bother you. You can easily connect with your inner self, that urban life denies you of. Meditate early in the morning.

Take a dip in the Ganga:

A priest taking a dip in the Ganga. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock Images.

Taking a dip in the holy Ganga will rejuvenate your cells, refresh your mind and soothe your soul. The holy water has healing power.

Stroll around the bylanes:

Har Ki Pauri. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock Images.

The beauty of India lies in its towns and villages. The bylanes of Haridwar will help you have a rendezvous with the traditional, cultural and modest sides of the country. The presence of sadhus and sanyasis in saffron robes, kamandals and shanks will mesmerize you. As you discover Haridwar, pick up stuffs from the local market that will keep reminding you of the beauty of holy place.

Visit the Mansa Devi temple:

Mansa Devi Temple. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock Images.

The temple of Goddess Mansa Devi is situated atop the Bilwa Parwat. The name of the Goddess literally means one who fulfils the desires. The temple is connected by ropeways. You can catch the panoramic view of Haridwar as you reach the highest point.

Take part in the Ganga Arti:

Ganga Aarti. Pic courtesy: Gayatri Sankar

Every evening, the priests chant the holy mantra and do the aarti to pay obeisance to Mother Ganga. The Ganga Arti is indeed a visual treat to the eyes. The sounds of the holy mantras, the ringing of the temple bells will resonate even after you leave the venue. Such is the power of the blissful Ganga Aarti.

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