Timeshare Trends

Avril-Ann Braganza

What would you say to a week`s holiday every year for 25 years, at over 6,500 resorts in locations ranging from mountain slopes to coastal plains? What if this holiday was accompanied by significant savings? Would you bite the bait? Magic Holidays, a timeshare product of the Panoramic Group of Companies, offers ownership of 33 properties (and increasing) in India and abroad.

Service apartments in Singapore and Thailand, resorts in the United States of America and New Zealand as well as lesser known destinations such as Bageshwar, Tehri, Bhimtal and Todgarh in India feature in their diverse line-up.

Magic Holidays offer quality of services at affordable prices as well as surety of bookings and reservations. Flexibility is the keyword here. The seven-day holiday entitlement need not be used in one stretch, but can be broken up into three vacations of two, two and three days apiece. A one-night stay is also feasible. Moreover, members have access to apartments and seasons aside from their membership entitlement. This sounds ideal for people interested in shorter holidays.

Of course, as is the norm, conditions apply.

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