Hug Day: Fill your life with fragrance and love

By Bharti Taneja | Updated: Feb 13, 2014, 13:32 PM IST

New Delhi: A hug to your friend or loved one will deliver your message to their heart directly. It’s a pure way to show the care and love for them. Spread the love by hugging and cuddling each other and leaving your fragrance a deep embossed of memory on their heart on this hug day. Ms Bharti Taneja a renowned cosmetologist, aesthetician and founder director of ALPS Beauty Clinic will add some fragrance to your relation by giving you some tips on how you can make your partner to fall in love with you and your fragrance.

To fill your relationship with love and fragrance you need to pamper your body. To get some energy and freshness use body wash containing lemon essence or you can also use aromatic oils in your bath to avoid body odor.

To cure body odor naturally you can use rose petals or lemon peel. Soak them overnight and take a bath with this fragrance full water as it will make your body feel fresh for a day.

Wash your hair with a shampoo of your partner’s choice and apply a conditioner after it. It will give you a soft and gentle fragrance for a day.

Take care of your breath as it’s very important while going closer to someone. Use a good mouth freshener after brushing your teeth or you can also chew some nice sugar free chewing gums.

Use talcum powder or Body deodorants to get pleasing incense.

Don’t wear tight fitted clothes as it will create sweat circles under your armpits. Wearing cotton clothes will help absorbing the sweat more easily.

Use scented tissues to clean or wipe the body parts as it will provide an instant fragrance.

Drink lots of water like as it will keep you away from body odor.

Fragrances for women: get fragrance fanatic by using fragrances like rose, jasmine, orange blossom and orchid in your perfume.

Fragrances for men: create a magic on your girl with your body fragrance. Choose from citrus, cool mint, lavender and musk perfumes.