Put best face forward on Valentine’s Day

IANS| Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014, 12:07 PM IST

New Delhi: Treat yourself with good make-up session before heading out for Valentine`s Day celebration, says an expert.

Make-up artist Vikkie Anand says there are a few components that one should keep in mind before planning a Valentine look:

* Eye make-up: Go for charcoal eye make-up instead of the usual smokey eye. You can go for bold look by shimmering your eyes too.

* Lip make-up: Crimson lip shade is another way to look bold at a V-Day party. It never goes out of style and helps to transform the regular look into a glamorous one.

* Hair trend: Curls are great addition to any hairstyle. You don’t have to make your curls big, keep things natural looking with soft loose curls.

* Skin tone: The important elements of instant skin treatment are cleansing-scrubbing-toning-moisturising. Face masks are very important for instant glow. Facial massage can further make your skin look radiant. Don`t apply too much foundation and skip the face powder to avoid cakey look unless your skin is oily.