Valentine's Day: A treat for the singles?

Valentine's Day: A treat for the singles?

Sadly still single on Valentine`s Day?

Or has your ex parted ways months ago and you decided to sulk and be miserable and cry yourself to death?

Don`t be. Celebrating Valentines day with your love isn’t the only way to be happy.
Being single can be equally enthralling and enticing. Be in love with yourself and people near and dear to you.

If you have been single or just newly single, there are many ways to celebrate YOU this Valentine`s..

Here are the reasons why being single on Valentine`s day can be quite rewarding.

First being single means you can do whatever you wish to. You don`t have to be alone, necessarily. Socializing is exciting, so drink, dance and dine. Party hard. Go bonkers with your friends.

Sometimes a little change is good. Nip the past in the bud. Venture into different fields that interest you, like gaming or maybe cooking , dancing , or an adventure. Take a little trip and relax. 

Pampering yourself with little treats occasionally is way much better than hanging on to a wrong relation. At least you don`t have all those gnawing feeling which eat you up. No fussing around and no interference in your work. 

Go shopping, at least spending on yourself is better than cashing out the money on some goofed-up date.

Interestingly, single also means you are the ruler of your universe. You are absolutely left to yourself.. you are not answerable to anyone, no bickering or the little squabble that the couples engage in. In goodwill, you are free to do whatever keeps you happy.

And of course the best treat in being single is that you get to set your eyes upon as many `eye candies` you want, and go on as many dates till you find that perfect match. Healthy flirting , here and there is surely not harmful. 

Yes, most importantly all the singles can go out on V-Day and celebrate it the way you wish to .You don`t have to worry about how you look, what you going to wear, what to buy your valentine or for that matter any other worries. 

Be creative, arrange a party with all your single buddies and warm up your day with good food, and maybe a relaxing massage.

So stop worrying if you don`t have a date on Valentine`s day. Every day for you is a valentine`s day, 
I am happily single, are you?