Vivek Oberoi all set for big fat Bollywood wedding!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: With Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi and Bangalore girl Priyanka Alva’s big fat B-town wedding just a matter of few hours, the Alva residence tonight will be abuzz with Bollywood dignitaries and Bangalore’s high flyers.

All set for his happily married life, Vivek is blessed to have the support of Bollywood friends and well-wishers.

Talking to a daily, Apoorva Lakhia, who directed Vivek in ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ and ‘Mission Istaanbul’ was supposed to dance at the sangeet yesterday, but the director couldn’t attend a single rehearsal and as a result, avoided hitting the dance floor. Talking about his poor dancing skills, Apoorva said, “I`m a terrible dancer. So Vivek said, ‘Don’t worry about dancing. Just relax and stand at the back.’ So I will only be clapping whenever the rest of them dance.”

When enquired about whether he has bought a wedding gift for the couple, Apoorva said, “I might give them something for their housewarming ceremony. A wedding gift has to be well-planned.”

All the same, Apoorva is incredibly happy for Vivek as he added, “I have heard a lot about Priyanka and her family, although I met them for the first time here in Bangalore. The last time Priyanka was in Mumbai, I wasn`t in town. They met in Venice the first time and went for a walk. And that ended in a long conversation, after which Vivek was completely besotted, which says a lot about the girl as Vivek is intelligent.”

Even Kookie Gulati, who directed the actor in ‘Prince’ is excited about the wedding as he said, “I have been married for about eight years now. Vivek is joining the gang.” Kookie will be gifting a wine chiller to Vivek.

However, ad guru Prahlad Kakkar won`t make it to the wedding. He hopes to attend the reception and has also penned a poem for Vivek as a wedding gift. “I don`t believe in material gifts. But the poem is about resolve. It says that when you have a vision in life, you will succeed, regardless of the pitfalls. There`s always a silver lining. Vivek went through a torrid time and learnt a lot from it. I have always been there when he`s been down and out. He is very talented and I believe his time will come as a major player and a game changer,” said Prahlad.

When asked about his gift for Priyanka, Prahlad chuckles, “I don`t know her. But I might write eulogies on her once I meet her.”