50 Cent takes anger management class

Updated: Oct 07, 2012, 11:13 AM IST

London: Hot-headed singer 50 Cent is taking anger management classes in a bid to keep his anger in control.

The singer publicly admitted to struggling with "anger issues" when he opened up about what inspired him to end his long-running feud with rap rival Fat Joe.

He even confessed that his lack of control over his emotions could have caused their eight-year war of words to end in tragedy, reports contactmusic.com.

"Me and @Fatjoe did something that never happens in hip hop... I have anger issues @Fatjoe has a lot of pride. We have money, we have influence. This combination could bring out the body bags," 50 Cent tweeted.

After engaging in a few Twitter spats with followers Thursday, he let slip he was undergoing therapy to deal with his problems.

One of the detractors told him: "You need anger management 50 (cent) you no angel (sic)". To which he replied, "I already go".