Adele blames chattiness for throat issues

Washington: Adele insists that her throat issues were caused by her talkative nature, and not her smoking habit.

The British singer has cancelled concerts in her native Britain and America due to recurring issues with her voice.

She most recently scrapped her 10-date U.S. tour earlier this month over fears her vocal cords could be damaged for good if she did not take time to recuperate.

But she insists that it is her off-stage talking which has been straining her voice, rather than her bad habit.

“Smoking is not the reason I got laryngitis – it was because I was talking too much. I damage my voice offstage, not onstage,” Contactmusic quoted the singer as telling the Sun.

“Onstage I am fine as apparently I am technically great, but when I talk I damage my voice big time. I have got screwed into giving up smoking. If I wasn`t a singer I still would be smoking 25 a day,” she added.