Adrien Brody takes to fake weed

London: Adrien Brody went to great lengths to prepare for his role in the upcoming film `High School`, including smoking a specially created marijuana substitute.

The Academy award winning actor plays a pot-smoking dealer in the film and Brody smoked a special fake weed as his character gets high, reported Femalefirst online.

The film directed by John Stalberg revolves around the result of Brody unwittingly providing a high school with a high-strength drug.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Stalberg said, "He was smoking this fake weed you can buy from High Times magazine called Fake Budz. It looks and burns like weed and it`s totally organic so if the actors don`t smoke cigarettes it`s not gonna hurt them."

"We even used it for props because it comes on a branch. Adrien said when he read the script he laughed so hard that he pulled a muscle in his neck," added the director.



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