All you want to know about Botox

Zee Media Bureau/ Harpreet Kaur

There is a surging demand for facelifts, cosmetic surgeries and quick fix skin treats etc, but what has caught utmost attention of the beauty conscious is the word ‘Botox’. Not only amongst actors, celebrities, models or high profile socialites, but this term has caught the fancy of the ordinary middle class people as well.

Botox is a procedure which basically involves injecting a mixture of protein and neurotoxin named ‘Botulinum toxin’ in the facial tissues. This toxin is produced by a bacterium, is surprisingly a highly toxic substance which can lead to life threatening disease - botulism. However, if used in its diluted and purified form this toxic substance can successfully erase the fine facial lines which define age.

Many questions are time and again asked about its effectiveness. Well, according to reports, Botox is just a temporary means of soothing wrinkles and fine lines, which lasts for roughly about four months. Ever noticed that some celebs, who credit their ever youthful appearance to healthy diet and yoga, seem to find it difficult to smile? There are also some, who just don’t have a sweat patch? A possible reason could be the use of ‘Botox’.

Initially, Botox was something which was used to treat health problems like healing eye muscle spasms. Later, with time, it was figured out that it weakened or paralyzed certain muscles or nerves – which can iron out fine lines. Thus, it became an instant hit in the cosmetic market, wherein people not only used it for youthful appearance but also for enhancing their lips, and also giving that perfect lift to droopy eyebrows.

Apart from cosmetic reasons, Botox is also used for correcting chronic migraine, overactive bladder, severe underarm sweating etc. But, this procedure has its own repercussions. One can face common side effects like pain, swelling, or bruising at area where the toxin is injected. Apart from this symptoms like flu, headache, stomach upset, temporary droopy eyelids, all come under the list of ill effects caused by Botox.

Well, we all know that Botox ‘kills’ smile, yet if one wants to go for a youthful appearance be prepared to part ways with your emotions!

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