Amanda Seyfried feared looking gross if she slimmed down for Lovelace

Melbourne: Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she didn`t alter her exercise and diet regime before starting with her upcoming biopic `LoveLace`.

The `Dear John` actress said that she didn`t trim her already tiny frame for her role as porn star Linda Lovelace, as she would have looked `gross` if she would have stopped eating, reported.

Seyfried told Omg! at an LA screening of her flick that she is really active and tries to run every day and eat well as that`s normal for her.

The 27-year-old actress said that Linda Lovelace was really thin but she doesn`t have the same body type as her at all and if she stopped eating she would have looked gross.

Seyfried added that as she didn`t want to promote unhealthy body types.