Amanda struggled with her sexuality

London: Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried considered herself ugly while growing up and struggled with her sexuality as a teenager.

The 25-year-old actress said that she struggling to accept her looks which in turn affected her interactions with men, reported Sunday Express.

"For a long time sex didn`t interest me at all. I just couldn`t connect with my body. I didn`t think that I was pretty; I thought I was ugly, and I had no self-confidence.

When I was a teenager I was really unhappy and confused. "Sexuality gave me a bitter taste in my mouth. There was A around and the possibility that you might get pregnant," said the `Red Riding Hood` star.

The blonde beauty who is now dating actor Ryan Philippe, said that many of her school mates became teenage mothers.

"A lot of girls when I was 15 did. There were so many who were having babies that my school had a creche for them. Today maybe I envy them a bit, they`re the mothers of children who are 10, 11 years old and they have that to treasure," said Seyfried.