Angelina Jolie`s cancer doc reveals pioneering procedures used during mastectomy

Washington: Angelina Jolie`s cancer doctor Kristi Funk has revealed that she created pioneering pre and post-surgery procedures to make sure her famous patient was more than happy with the results of her double mastectomy earlier this year.

The actress went public with her medical news at the beginning of the summer, revealing that she had had both her breasts removed after discovering she was at high risk of developing cancer, and she has spoken fondly of the woman who guided her through the surgery and then helped reconstruct her body.

Now, Dr. Funk has opened up about the mastectomy and how she treated the movie star.

The medic told news show Extra that she delved into a slightly more creative mode than she`d ever gone into in my life, knowing that it would be potentially publicly scrutinized, Contactmusic reported.

She developed some really new and beautiful changes to both the preparation for surgery and the actual operation.


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