Angelina Jolie`s double mastectomy decision `fearful choice`, says Melissa Etheridge

Washington: Breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge has revealed that she doesn`t agree with Angelina Jolie`s recent decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy.

Talking to the LGBT newspaper in Washington, the 52-year-old singer said that she, too, has the same gene mutation but she would never take the decision for herself, People Magazine reported.

She further said that it was a fearful choice for confronting with cancer.

Etheridge explained to the publication that cancer comes from inside and is related to the environment of the body.

She said that it is the stress that turns that gene on.

The `Fearless Love` singer said that a preventative mastectomy should be something that a person should consider after examining all other options.

She also said that many people have that gene mutation but they never develop cancer.

She said that people should consider the advancements made in things like nutrition and stress levels before thinking about the treatment.