Angelina Jolie`s double mastectomy inspires cancer patients

Updated: Jun 07, 2013, 12:01 PM IST

Melbourne: Angelina Jolie`s decision to undergo the double mastectomy has inspired many people to take the problem of the deadly cancer seriously.

Doctor Hilda High at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, who works with patients having the defective gene BRCA1, has revealed that the so-called "Angelina effect" has created unprecedented interest in what they do, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The Wahroonga specialist has experienced that the inquiries regarding double mastectomy has almost doubled in the last month after the actress opted to undergo the preventive operation.

Dr. High said that Jolie has done a huge social service.

She added that there were people who really needed to be seen and who were putting it off and needed a role model.