Anne Hathaway eats hummus, radish to stay fit

London: Actress Anne Hathaway says she is following such an extreme diet to lose weight to play prostitute Fantine in `Les Miserables` that she just lives on hummus and radishes.

"I am doing some crazy weight stuff right now. I`m on day six of detox. This diet makes me break out, so I love that. Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then be all. And I got a pimple," she told Allure magazine for their next issue, reports a website.

Earlier, Hathaway spent a year to get ready to wear the Catwoman suit in the forthcoming movie `The Dark Knight Rises`.

"It was a psychological terrorist. The suit, thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit. It dominated my year. I didn`t understand how you could be thin and strong. I went into the gym for 10 months and didn`t come out," she said.