Applegate to launch cancer charity

Updated: Jul 27, 2010, 09:12 AM IST

London: Cancer surviving actress Christina Applegate is launching a charity to help at-risk women who can`t afford the proper preventative care.

Applegate will launch Right Action For Women in September and hopes the project will aid women get any cancer detected early, reports a news website.

"It`s a programme giving financial aid to high-risk women who can`t afford to get MRIs, which is how I found my cancer. It`s unfortunate that insurance companies (in America) don`t cover the cost of that.

"It`s such an incredible device because you can find it at an early detection stage. We started our pilot programme and started helping women already, even though we aren`t launched," she said.

"The other aspect of the programme is to do genetic counselling and help women understand what being high-risk means, and understanding what foods are good for their bloods and how to prevent this disease from happening. That has been my mission," she added.