Arnie ‘running faster than traffic’ to shape up for Expendables 2

Wellington: Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly been working out to get in shape for ‘The Expendables 2’.

The 64-year-old actor had a brief cameo in the first movie but it is reported that he will have a bigger role to play in the sequel for which he has been spotted training rigorously.

“He was seen in the main street of Brentwood, Los Angeles, dressed in high tech compression latex togs... literally running faster than the traffic, arms and legs pumping furiously as a trainer holding a stopwatch timed him pumping up for his new Expendables 2 flick,” quoted a source telling National Enquirer.

“The man was running like a machine, or cyborg!” the source added.

Schwarzenegger, who will play a character called Trench, is worried that the years spent in the Governor’s chamber might have left him out of shape.


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