Aussies ‘addicted’ to Botox

Melbourne: It seems people Down Under have become addicted to Botox, for a new investigation has revealed that a staggering 1.5 million jabs of Botox and similar drugs were administered to image-conscious Aussies last year.

The shocking figure emerged as doctors were caught pushing unnecessary treatments in cosmetic surgery clinics.

In a news daily investigation, it was found that a series of doctors were eager to recommend risky and expensive procedures, including Botox, to an undercover reporter aged only 24.

An expert who examined the recommendations condemned some of the advice offered to the young woman.

"It`s frightening what some people are willing to do to a perfectly acceptable face," a news website quoted plastic surgeon Paul Belt as saying.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons chief executive Gaye Phillips said, "The danger is this has become a very profitable industry.

"That`s where medicine has interfaced with commercial industry and of course there will always be people who will want to make money when there`s money to be made."



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